Press release June 19, 2008

TBV and Icelandic top talent agree on pre-contract

TBV Lemgo succeeded in binding one of the most hopeful Icelandic talents to the club. Aron Palmarsson will not only stand in the focus of TBV Lemgo within the next two years but will also take part in training of the Bundesliga team regularly as well as in training camps before the season from time to time. The 17 year old player (left back and middle back) is already playing in the 1. Icelandic league with his team FH Hafnarfjördur, the former club of Lemgo’s player Logi Geirsson who also made the contact between Palmarsson and Lemgo. “Due to our good contacts to Iceland we have observed Aron Palmarsson for a longer time already. With the help of Logi Geirsson we have intensified these contacts. Aron has developed very well and has the capacities to become a really big player. We want to support his future development within the next two years actively. We are glad that our scouting system is improving constantly and that we were able to bind such a hopeful player to our club”, TBV general manager Volker Zerbe stated.

Icelandic national coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson is also convinced of Palmarsson’s qualities: “Aron is a very big talent. He has all capacities he needs. The step into the German Bundesliga certainly is a bit too big at the moment but in case his development goes on like during the last years he has all possibilities. He is still very young but already has a good comprehension and may play left back as well as middle back which makes him a very variable player. Furthermore he is a very good scorer.”

“The German Bundesliga is like a dream to me as a handball player. The environment in Lemgo is very attractive, the club has made a lot of efforts in my regard and I felt very comfortable during my stays in Lemgo. The prospect of becoming part of the Lemgo professional team is a big incitement for the next month”, Palmarsson said looking into his future.

After the end of the two-year pre-contract, Lemgo has an option to make a contract with Palmarsson. “We are convinced that Aron will succeed in the Bundesliga in case his development goes on steadily and we want to give such a young talent the chance to establish within TBV Lemgo on a longer view”, Volker Zerbe stated.

Facts on Aron Palmarsson:

Date of birth: July 19, 1990

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Club: FH Hafnarfjördur

League matches: 22

Goals in league: 137

National matches: 34 (youth and juniors)